About Me

So ahhh come round here often?

Howdy, my name is Ben Collin and I’m a (currently unemployed #hirebenny) meteorologist and software developer (Perl/HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/XML) living in Saint Paul, MN.  I appreciate you stopping by.

“Sports, food, weather come together” pretty much sums up what this blog is all about.  Some of the topics you’ll find include meteorology, photography, recipes, bbq, sports, and some attempts at humor.

I also have other sites that I’ve created out of interest.

BleacherWeather is my newest project. It essentially is a site that brings sporting events and weather together in one place.


And a Twins Blog


Vikings Football Blog


The thoughts expressed on this blog are my own and in no way represent anyone else.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Snoz says:

    You are in heaven in theat picture and heaven misses you

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