Grand Forks Christmas Blizzard 09 Snowcam

Grand Forks, ND received around 26 inches of snow from a blizzard that struck the region over the Christmas Holiday of 2009.  Here is a time lapse image showing a 13 inch Santa figure getting buried by heavy snow.  Its interesting to note the trees in the background sagging under the weight of the snow.  You can also see a moment when the snow lets up slightly and the drift settles a bit. (Click on image for loop)

Click on image to see 13 inch Santa get buried by snow.

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2 Responses to “Grand Forks Christmas Blizzard 09 Snowcam”

  1. lcollin says:

    This is so much fun to watch! Sometimes I click on it a couple of times a day cause the snow is piling up here too! It was a most unusual Christmas!

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