Favorite Aurora Photos From 2012

I’ve been behind on getting these pics up.  I should have a post for each night out but for now I’ll just post some favorites from the past year.

April 4th (bright moon). Might be my favorite. Looks like mesocyclone with tornado


April 4th. Live long and pretty much kill it, and prosper. I'm an idiot.

Me and Willie the aurora dog. When I grab the camera and it's dark out, he barks to go along and goes crazy.


April 4th about 4am. Driving home it lit up. There were teeth on bottom like a buzzsaw moving left to right.

Here's the buzzsaw teeth I was talking about. Check the bottom of band on right half. Never seen that. Intense.



April 23rd. The Moon and Venus aligned at sunset. In the aurora oval that was dipping south much more than usual.

April 23rd. Moon and Venus aligned with jet flying overhead


April 23rd. Yes it was the best night of the year.

April 24th around 1am. On way home from above pics and it lit up again. Pulsing aurora that looked like green smoke.

July 9th around midnight. Pic not balanced because I was in a rush to get there. Bz dropped south and I was late to notice.


And finally the closest I’ve gotten to my unicorn.  I want a photo with lightning and the aurora together in one.  You can barely make out the green in the upper left.  I’ll keep searching though…

It just wasn't meant to be that night. Just a tease. I'll find it eventually.


Favorite Lightning Photo

Snapped this a few weeks ago sitting in my kitchen with the deck door open.  I had been out of town trying to grab some lightning but the gust front came on so fast that I had to get home and out of the blowing dust.  Who says you need to leave your house for good lightning photography?


Hello there.