Storm Chasing 2010: Favorite Photos

I can’t believe we’re a few days away from November and the first flakes of snow have already fallen.  I had a very successful and enjoyable time storm chasing over the summer months and am saddened that the time for tornadoes is over and the time for blizzards is upon us.  I’ve been looking over some of my pictures from chasing this year and have decided to put up a few of my favorites in this post.  I hope to add more as time permits. (click to enlarge images)

Hello beautiful

Not quite my Howie calender shot.

Notice the massive inflow band on the right. (this is after tornado below weakened, reforming now)
Bowdle Supercell, take II.

Pano of an August thunderstorm in the northern plains.

From same storm as above. I really love the colors.

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