Subzero Grilling in North Dakota.

In my opinion there’s no better way to enjoy a warm summer evening than to be on the deck with friends, beer in hand, and meat on the grill.  In years past, the end of the grilling season (first snow) was always a depressing time, this year I decided I wouldn’t let mother nature ruin my fun.

I have continued to grill throughout the frigid winter months, even in temperatures as low as -13 degrees.  Initially I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain a smoker temperature of 250-300 degrees but that hasn’t been an issue so far.  It’s really been no different than grilling in the summer other than you can’t wear shorts and you probably won’t be hanging out on the deck too long.  You will probably go through a little more charcoal than in the summer and will want to check the coals more frequently.  Once the fire goes out it will cool down fast.  Another thing to be aware of is how fast the smoker loses heat when you open the main door, keep it shut.

Keep the lid shut as it loses heat rapidly.

There is an advantage to grilling in the winter……a large cooler.

Deck Cooler

I’m glad I can still grill in the winter months.  When it gets as cold as it does in Grand Forks, grilling keeps me from going insane and reminds me there are better months ahead.  I’ll close with a few pictures from the most recent use of the smoker when the air temperature was -5.

Artic Sunset.

Paging Dr. Collin. (notice butter under skin over breasts)

Work in progress.

All done.

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  1. Pitmaster Ottis says:

    Meat, beer, and fire. I’d personally like to go back in time and be able to congratulate the genius who was the first to put those three together.

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