Boys Like Girls Ripoff The Killers

I don’t usually listen to garbage music like Boys Like Girls but surfing the radio dial one day I came across Boys Like Girls “Love Drunk”. I didn’t know who it was and was forced to listen to the entire trainwreck just so I could find out the name of the song. I couldn’t believe how much the beat of the chorus sounded like The Killers “Somebody Told Me”.

Judge for yourself. Start the top video (BoysGirls) at around 47 seconds then start the Killers video at 1:05, seems pretty similar to me. As if I needed another reason not to like the band Boys Like Girls.

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2 Responses to “Boys Like Girls Ripoff The Killers”

  1. Matt Hartman says:

    I’ve never even heard of these guys, but it’s bad enough they need a Nickelodeon sell-out like Ashley Tisdale to compensate for how horrible that song is. ;) Is that a bad thing, that I know who she is? ;)

    The Killers, they don’t need some hottie-tottie in their videos. Their music is already great. Have always like them.

    It’s hard to find original music anymore…

  2. Mike says:

    Good catch…my favorite shared riff: Hash Pipe ( – 0:09) and Kiss Me Deadly ( 0:26). Once you hear this, you’ll never hear Hash Pipe the same way.

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