NBC vs Team Canada, Who Had The Bigger Letdown?

NBC should be ashamed of themselves for putting USA vs Canada on the poorest channel in their lineup, MSNBC.  I use the word ‘poorest’ because as a DirecTV owner, I couldn’t view this great matchup in HD.  Instead I was forced to watch it in standard definition and it looked like I was playing ‘Blades of Steel’ on the old Nintendo (and the players leaned to the left).  It seems like a lot of people in the Twittersphere had the same issues of non-HD MSNBC.  This could have been a huge night for hockey in the United States by putting it on the NBC mothership, primetime and HD, but instead they showed ice dancing in primetime.  They also could have at least put the hockey game on CNBC because that was in HD, but instead curling was more important?  Nothing, and I mean nothing sounds like more of a ratings grabber than ice dancing and nothing needs to be in HD more than curling.  NBC seems clueless at this point, all they had to do is ask the Canadians about which event would be bigger on their home turf.  When did NBC Sports deem that hockey was Conanesque?

I’m so glad this hockey game was one of the better sporting events in recent memory, NBC looks like a fool.  With that said, Canada did lose to the US and I’m wondering…..

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