Now That’s What I Call Shitty Music Volume 1

His ears are bleeding from today's music

I’m not sure what is going on with music today.  Maybe I’m just getting old and this is natural but some of today’s music really, really sucks.  I try not to go on ITunes and look at the top singles because it will leave me pondering our existence.  However, today I went on there to see how angry I could get at the music topping the charts.  While doing so, I came to the conclusion that every dance song sounds the same.  It’s got the exact beat and sounds, like that synthesized organ or whatever the hell it is in the background.  There’s also some T-Pain Ear-Pain autotune in the background of a lot of songs as well.  It’s hard to believe people used to think Elvis was the work of the devil.  If that’s true than this music is the work of a lazy devil because it all sounds the same.  Music is starting to sound like that shitty dance music you hear at Buck’s Roadhouse where girls are out on the dance floor and guys are probably slipping things into their drinks.

Anyways, I took some clips of a few songs and put them together into one continuous loop.  I hate music now.


All of them sound the same except perhaps the last one. I had to throw that in there because it sounds like a crow got into the recording studio and was autotuned “ahhAHHahh”.
I have lost 50 years off my life after listening to that music for this post.




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  1. dude says:

    Ur not crazy, music sucks these days

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